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an implementation of the Pyroute share server idea.



Source code


That includes a database schema, and a document talking about the database concepts


To create a user account on the server, specify a PIN that will be your password, and it will return a user ID.

To create a group, specify the name, and two PINs:

  • read PIN - anyone who knows this will be able to view the position of people in the group
  • write PIN - anyone who knows this will be able to publish their position info on the group

To make a group public, set read PIN to 0

To upload your position, send your own ID/PIN, the group number to publish to, and the group's write PIN. You must publish "to a group" (create one if necessary)

To set your nickname within a group, send your own ID/PIN, the group number this nickname applies to, and the group's write PIN. So you can publish to several groups using several identities, using the same user account.

To download a group, send the group number and the group's read PIN. It will return a list of User,Lat,Lon. If someone didn't set a nickname they will be 'anon'.


Uhh, read the website source code is easiest probably...

or use the website and examine the GET queries it generates for each action

Rana module

There is a rana module to interact with this server.


Future work

See http://svn.openstreetmap.org/sites/other/ranaShareServer/roadmap.txt