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The redaction bot progress map as it looked 16th July 2012

The redaction bot progress map shows the progress of the redaction bot.

redaction bot progress map

Display success regions except if there was no redactions - This display will make your browser struggle.

Display success regions including no redactions - This display will probably break your browser. Too many regions to show

Redaction bot?

The redaction bot is an automated license change data processing operation which is rebuilding the OpenStreetMap data in a "clean" license state ready for transition to the Open Database License. See the licence change codebase for details of how it works.

What the map shows

The map shows...

  • where the bot is currently (in yellow) - Meaning a log file was initiated and appears to not be concluded yet.
  • where it hit some errors (in pink) - These are often timeout errors or changeset failures where some individual objects require more processing.
  • where it failed (in red) - This means the bot explicitly labelled the region as failed. The whole thing needs doing again.
  • where it is still left to do (in blue) - calculated by looking at all possible regions, and subtracting those which seem to be done.
  • where it has run (in green) - But only if you select one of the alternate views linked above. Click to see the summary information spat out at the end of the log file
  • where it was re-run (in darker green) - This means it was successfully and completely processed after earlier problems

How is this useful?

Seeing where the bot is processing, and where it is about to process, is useful because...

  • You can (and should) avoid editing in the areas where you might clash with the redactions bot. Just wait till it's passed. Remember it's not a good idea to do anything too heavyweight with the API during this period anywhere in the world, but editing around the region where the bot is running may cause problems. Please hold off until it's passed before fixing stuff.
  • You can help notify community members. Please translate mailing announcements and post to local mailing lists. Also contact local groups or even individuals who care about a particular area to let them know what's going on.

There is a lively discussion about the ongoing redaction in a dedicated rebuild list. This is probably the best place to ask questions about the redaction bot and redaction itself.


Mostly developed by Harry Wood but input from others is very welcome (or alternative views on the same data).

Some tweaks so far from Jongleur, TomH, and Cobra.

...and of course it's using OpenLayers.

How it works

It's all based on the bot log files...

...but there's a ruby script running every minute which "distills" these into a JSON file:

It then aggregates them by region, to give the information the display needs. There's a new smaller file not containing all the 'success' region info:

And the original json file with all success info is here (and still powers the alternate views):

The map display loads this in as a script include and processes the json in javascript. Although a .php file, there's very little php logic involved.

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