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Redmond Washington Address Import is an import of King County GIS dataset which is of type addresses covering Redmond, Washington, United States of America. The import is currently as of 11/28/2022 blocked on license incompatibility. The owners of the data are being followed up with.


The goal of the project is to import and merge the high quality official address information for the city of Redmond Washington into OSM.


Hopefully get the project reviewed and approved before the end of 2022. The goal is to upload all information in a 3 month window after import is approved.


Provide links to your sources.

Data source site:
Data license: (copy archived)
Link to permission (if required):
OSM attribution (if required):
ODbL Compliance verified: no

OSM Data Files

GeoJSON available here

Import Type

This one time import will be carried out in JOSM with the assistance of the tasking manager [1].

Data Preparation

Most of the data preparation is to do street name expansion and casing fixup. The code to accomplish this is located in the corresponding github repo [2]. It is a port to C# of the python used for the Salem Oregon Address Import.

Data Reduction & Simplification

There's ~5000 objects with address data in Redmond already. This import has ~26,000 addresses. Manual conflation means we can correct typos or fix unexpanded abbreviations with this import with little risk to existing data.


Tagging Plans/Data Transformation

ADDR_NUM -> addr:housenumber
FULLNAME -> addr:street via
Unit -> addr:unit
POSTALCTYNAME -> addr:city (fixing casing)
ZIP5-PLUS4 -> addr:postcode

Changeset Tags

Changesets should use the tag #RedmondWaAddressImport

Data Transformation Results

Data Merge Workflow

Note: Do all import via a dedicated import account. The one I will be using is watmildon_import

  • Load Addresses_in_Redmond___address_point_fixed.geojson into JOSM
  • Zoom in to the area you wish to work on and Download OSM data to a New Layer
  • In the geojson layer, select one neighborhood or city block worth of addresses
  • Merge data using the Conflation plugin in JOSM.
  • Switch to Data Layer 1 and run the JOSM Validator
  • Fix all duplicate housenumber warnings and nearby street not found warnings
  • Click Upload, verify there are no further warnings or errors in the changeset
  • Make sure there are no erroneous Relations or other unwanted objects about to be uploaded.
  • Upload with this changeset comment:

``` comment=Addresses in Redmond WA #RedmondWaAddressImport import=yes website= source=King County GIS source:url= ```

- Review imported data in Osmcha to ensure it looks proper.

Team Approach

I will be posting this to the tasking manager (assuming I can figure it out) and will hopefully get a few folks to help but expect the bulk of the work to be done by me.

See also

The email to the us-Imports mailing list was sent on 2022/11/20 and can be found in the archives of the mailing list at [3]. Mailing to the full imports list will follow.