Regional Transportation District bus stop import

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The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is a public transportation agency in the Denver, Colorado, metropolitan area. In 2013, RTD bus stops were imported from the agency's GTFS feed by System-users-3.svgrelease_candidate (on osm, edits, contrib, heatmap, chngset com.).


RTD's license agreement allows redistribution but the agreement is revocable. Instead, Derek Kniffin reached out to RTD directly to obtain a clear statement that:

RTD has no objections to geodata derived in part from RTD's GIS data being incorporated into the OpenStreetMap project geodata database and released under a free and open license

Nevertheless, the imported bus stops are tagged license= This accounts for the vast majority of occurrences of license=* in the OpenStreetMap database (as opposed to the OpenHistoricalMap database, where this key sees more widespread usage).