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Revert UI
Author: Ilya Zverev
License: WTFPL (free of charge)
Platform: Web
Status: Unmaintained
Version: (2016-11-11)
Language: English
Source code: Zverik/RevertUI
Programming languages: Python and HTML

Revert UI is a web interface for simple-revert.

It can revert at most 20 changesets and 300 changed objects in total.

Possible messages after reverting:

  • done
  • already reverted
  • too big (if there are more than 300 changes or more than 20 changesets)
  • revert error (usually when something has already been changed in the meantime)
  • download error (Failed to download changeset: HTTPError(404, ))
  • error (Failed to create changeset: 401 Unauthorized.)
  • system error

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