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Author: Kamil Monicz (Zaczero)
License: AGPL-3.0 (free of charge)
Platform: Web
Status: Active
Version: 1.1 (2023-01-29)
Language: English
Website: https://revert.monicz.dev
Source code: Zaczero/osm-revert
Programming languages: Python, HTML, and JavaScript

The next generation OpenStreetMap changeset revert tool

osm-revert is designed to be a direct successor to Revert UI, offering a faster and smarter way to revert changesets on OpenStreetMap.

It utilizes the Overpass API to reduce the amount of API calls, making it faster at reverting changesets. It also has the ability to automatically resolve conflicts, something that its predecessor, RevertUI, could not do. Additionally, it has no limitations on the size of changesets, making it capable of reverting anything.

osm-revert also provides the functionality of filtering specific elements that need to be reverted. This is useful in situations where only certain parts of a changeset require correction.

Users have the option to download a revert .osm file which can be imported into certain editors for further validation or adjustments.

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