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Let's improve the map of Rio to have a great map of the Olympic Venues and of the city as well.

We will do the first online Mapathon on the weekend of June 25th and 26th and you can collaborate from any place in the world!

Please use the hashtag #RioOlympicsMapping on the changesets so we can track the edits done by the participants.


Tasking manager tasks

We will be using a task manager to avoid mapping conflicts.

Thanks to Fredy Rivera from Colombia to set this up for us.

Mapbox Updated Imagery

We will be using a very fresh (1 week old) imagery from Mapbox. Just use Mapbox layer on your favorite editor, no further configurations needed.


Thanks to Mapbox for sharing this very fresh imagery.

Improve the map using Mapillary photos

A lot of details can be gathered using the Mapillary photos.

Fix errors using the OSM Inspector

We can fix errors like streets that are missing names, objects without tags, disconnected streets using the OSM Inspector. Link to Rio in OSMI.

Building Import

We have an open dataset of the buildings of Rio and it would be nice to import it in a manual fashion before the Olympic Games. More details in Rio de Janeiro/Import IPP Buildings.


We will be using IRC to talk with each other during the mapping party. Simply click here, choose a nickname and the channel #osm-br and click on Login, or use your favourite IRC client and join irc:// #osm-br. You are welcome to chat either in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

An alternative mean of communication are Brazilian Telegram groups: OSM Rio de Janeiro and OSM Brasil