Roof modelling symmetric objects

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MarekChurchSymmetry0.jpg Building outline interpretation without use of constructive tricks.

MarekChurchSymmetry1.jpg 1.Finding of midline (the best visible, longest main direction of the building: sometimes you need more try and error for finding the best direction. The line should be longer than the building!)

MarekChurchSymmetry2.jpg 2.Make copy of midline and put this line on the outside of the building. Add characteristic corner points.

MarekChurchSymmetry3.jpg 3.Make copy of copied line and paste on the other outside of the building. If You´re exactly with the first line, the corner points are well positioned on this side. If no, go to (1). If the building is on this side not symmetrical, ignore it.

MarekChurchSymmetry4.jpg 4. Draw two diagonal lines. Draw through the found intersection point ( the middle of symmetry ) the midline

MarekChurchSymmetry5.jpg 5. Draw the first construction point P (white arrow). P is the crossing point of the diagonal line with the wall of the building. After them draw the new construction line which begins of the ends of diagonals and multiply this line. The multiplied line should pass through the constructed point P.

MarekChurchSymmetry6.jpg 6. Drop a copy of construction line on P.

MarekChurchSymmetry7.jpg 7. Drop a second copy of this construction line on the crossing point of the second diagonal line and outside wall of the building.

MarekChurchSymmetry8.jpg 8. Now You have a construction line with four exactly points. You can use copies of this line for next construction steps.

MarekChurchSymmetry9.jpg 9.

MarekChurchSymmetry10.jpg 10.

MarekChurchSymmetry11.jpg 11.

MarekChurchSymmetry12.jpg 12.

MarekChurchSymmetry13.jpg 13.

MarekChurchSymmetry14.jpg 14.

MarekChurchSymmetry15.jpg 15.

MarekChurchSymmetry16.jpg 16.

MarekChurchSymmetry17.jpg 17.

MarekChurchSymmetry18.jpg 18.

MarekChurchSymmetry19.jpg 19.

MarekChurchSymmetry20.jpg 20.

MarekChurchSymmetry21.jpg 21.

MarekChurchSymmetry22.jpg 22.

MarekChurchSymmetry23.jpg 23.

MarekChurchSymmetry24.jpg 24.

MarekChurchSymmetry25.jpg 25.

MarekChurchSymmetry26.jpg 26.

MarekChurchSymmetry27.jpg 27.

MarekChurchSymmetry28.jpg 28.

MarekChurchSymmetry29.jpg 29.

MarekChurchSymmetry31.jpg 31.

MarekChurchSymmetry32.jpg 32. Use so many construction lines as you need and finalize the outline

MarekChurchSymmetry33.jpg 33. Both results

MarekChurchSymmetry34.jpg 34. Finally rendered outline