São Paulo April 2012 meet-up

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São Paulo March 2012 meet-up is a past event. A meet-up in São Paulo (Brasil) on Friday 20th April 2012

Here we are at "Choperia Opção" node. It's a bar right by MASP (down the hill to one side of it) and just off Avenida Paulista. We had a good social meet-up and chatting about OpenStreetMap, although it was just two of us...

Claudomiro and harry SP meet-up 2012.JPG

...plus some extra folks who we were trying to persuade to become OSMers!

OSMers plus others SP meet-up 2012.JPG

This event on lanyrd

This was followed a few days later by a larger event "Pizza, Cerveja & Dados Abertos - Open Knowledge Foundation Brasil" attended by more of us (photo)

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