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Second Administrative Level Boundaries

Description taken from their web site:

"The Second Administrative Level Boundaries (SALB) dataset is a dataset aiming at improving the availability of information about administrative boundaries down to the second subnational level. The SALB dataset forms part of the UN geographic database and was developed in the context of the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group (UNGIWG)."

possible usage

Although we don't need or want to directly import data from this UN project, we could add salb id's to our already pre-existing nodes. SALB id's seem to be used quite often in municipal databases.

  • I disagree. This could be very useful, if examined on a country by country basis. Admin boundaries are hard to collect. However SALB is licensed non-commercial use only, so no go for the time being. We could ask them about changing this policy. User:Mikel - Oct 8 2009