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The GIS Data Server and clearinghouse at the University of South Carolina has several types of data made publicly available. From their page:

Our goal is to make available digital data that can be freely distributed to our University community - and beyond.

Only data from public links will be used. At this time, only large landmarks such as parks, golf courses, colleges, and universities will be imported.

This page details the process, progress, and mapping as the dataset is imported.


State Parks

The original State parks down load link is in the 'Services and Facilities' section, currently at State Parks. The data was converted to EPSG:4326 projection. You can perform this conversion with

  ogr2ogr -t_srs EPSG:4326 new_file.shp old_file.shp

The data extraction was done by a customized version of which performed tag translation and discarded unnamed shapes (5 were found), since their function was not clear.


State Parks
SHP Key OSM Tag(s) Description
SCPARKS_ID scgis-shp:parksid Database ID of park.
PROPERTYID scgis-shp:propertyid SC DNR property number.
SOURCE scgis-shp:source Original source of data.
N/A attribution Fixed-> SC GIS.
N/A scgis-shp:uuid Unique ID of bulk upload batch.
N/A admin_level Fixed at 4 (State entity).