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  • To import building outlines.


  • Write OSM Wiki page in English and Japanese. / done
  • Make working account. / Named Sabae_bld_import
  • Discuss in Japanese community. / done
  • Discuss in Import ML. / Now
  • then import.

Import Data


Provide links to your sources.

Data source site: provided from Sabae city
Data license: Sabae city local government is going to promote Open data sharing and Download.We can use to free.
Type of license (if applicable): CC BY (3.0 JP) / If we import, data is OSM(ODbL).
OSM attribution (if required):
Link to permission (if required): provided from Sabae city

OSM Data Files

Data accuracy is 1/2500. Data creation year is 2008.

Import Type

This is a one-time import and will be done using manual efforts including using JOSM to validate the input.

Data Preparation

Tagging Plans

The Shapefile has only one column, and 4 attributes. Tags are applied as following rule.

Sabae building outline
Attribute Shape Attribution code OSM Tagging
normal building / 普通建物 line


3001 building = yes
solid building [1] / 堅牢建物 line


3002 building = yes

building:material = concrete

normal roof / 普通無壁舎 line 3003 building = roof
solid roof / 堅牢無壁舎 line 3004 building = roof

roof:material = concrete

[1] "solid" means as "made by concrete" in definition by Japanese law.

Changeset Tags

Data Transformation

converted with ogr2osm script.

Data Transformation Results

Sample .osm files are here.

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

Unless someone else steps up to assist with this project, I'll be going alone. Kenyat_Geography


List all factors that will be evaluated in the import.


  • Workflow
  1. Divided the shapefile as 153 neighborhood area.(done)
  2. Convert them as .osm file. (done)
  3. Run JOSM validation on each .osm file.
  4. Load .osm file to JOSM, and download raw data for target area.
  5. Conflate with existing data.
  • Changeset size policy

None, the most biggest file size is 1.4MB (7484 objects).

  • リバート計画

This import will be done by dedicated account "Sabae_data_import".

So if some problems happen, I'll revert it's changeset one by Kenyat_Geography.


Existing data has priority. Will be checked by JOSM validation.


Add your QA plan here.