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Saint John is a city located on the Bay of Fundy, in New Brunswick, Canada.

Saint John, New Brunswick
latitude: 45.27, longitude: -66.058
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Saint John is a city in New Brunswick at latitude 45°16′12.00″ North, longitude 66°03′28.80″ West.

Possible Data Sources

The City of Saint John provides a very rudimentary map on its website. We have permission to use this data with citation to them. The data is locked in some sort of WMS system so its pretty difficult to get at. The only way I see using it is manually coping over each point which is difficult at best.

All the addresses that are in the Saint John area are currently being added manually by myself. I walk around with a gps marking POIs and brink along a paper where I write the number of the POI and the name & address of the point.

Active Users

ingalls - Currently working on adding all the houses in Saint John & Grandbay as well as driveways, parking lots, addresses, etc.