Salem, Oregon

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Salem, Oregon

latitude: 44.9413, longitude: -123.0437
Browse map of Salem 44°56′28.68″ N, 123°02′37.32″ W
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Salem is a city in Oregon at latitude 44°56′28.68″ North, longitude 123°02′37.32″ West.

Salem is the capital of Oregon, and the seat for Marion County. For other locations named Salem, see Salem (disambiguation).

Meet Up

If there is enough interest, a regular meetup might be organized.

What needs work


Quite a bit of TIGER data needs to be verified. See the Maplint link for details. We also need your GPS tracks! Please upload your tracks so that we may use them!

GPS tracks

GPS tracks need to be verified and ways adjusted as such.

Cycle Map

The cycle map for this area is in sorry shape right now. Please use cycleway=lane on roads with bicycle lanes, highway=cycleway for dedicated cycleways (JOSM can do this for you). Please use bicycle=destination on ways that are open to cyclists but hazardous for travel due to high volume and lack of shoulders, and bicycle=yes on I-5 through Salem.


OpenStreetBugs is being used in this area. Please be sure to check it for known errors in this area, and please mark bugs you know about so more attention can be paid to those areas.


Remember to tag routes using relations, don't tag the underlying way. The maps should be picking up relation tags soon. State Routes seem to be fairly well covered, but CARTS, CAT, SMART, Cherriots, Greyhound and Amtrak routes are missing or incomplete in this region.