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SanGIS ( is the "San Diego Geographic Information Source", a bunch of public domain data government data for San Diego.

Available Layers:


SanGIS data was placed in the public domain on December 22nd, 2005. The meeting notes are excerpted below:


Subject: Minutes of SanGIS Board of Director’s Meeting on December 22, 2005

Item #3: Public Records Requests in Light of Applicable Law and the Recent Attorney General Opinion 04-1105

SanGIS attorney Paul Edmonson reported that he and Deputy County Counsel Bill Taylor had reviewed and discussed AG Opinion 04-1105 as it relates to SanGIS digital data. They believe that SanGIS digital data is subject to the Public Records Act. Because SanGIS is dependant on external funding collected through data licensing and sales, Paul discussed options to continue this revenue stream. These options included the possibility of copyright avenues and disregarding the AG opinion until it is tested in court. GIS Manager Dave Lindsay and Bill Taylor described how a recent public records request made to the County was handled for digital parcel data. After much discussion, the Board voted to discontinue licensing and sales of data, placing the data in the public domain.

Import details

Data is being imported only as determined to be useful. There is currently no plan to replace the streets in OSM with streets from SanGIS. While the SanGIS data quality is excellent, OSM already has good coverage with many edits. Perhaps individual roads or sections can be imported where existing data from TIGER is out of date.

Layers imported:

  • Public/commercial building footprints
  • Military bases
  • National Parks
  • Bus Stops
  • Addresses e.g.

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