San Mateo County Bicycle Routes

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The San Mateo County Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (CCBP), (September, 2011 version), is the guiding document for entering countywide bicycle routes as members of a local cycleway network (network=lcn). Its Chapter 6 (pages 57-61) has maps of numbered county bicycle routes at a fairly rough level. Some of these routes (8, 12, 16, 36, 38, 40, 46, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 85...some only partial) began to be entered into OSM in 2020, OSM endeavors to complete these. An additional tag to correctly include on these is cycle_network=US:CA:SM. This tag with this value is only for countywide numbered routes from the above-noted document (or a newer document that supersedes it, or signs on-the-ground in this, the only county-sponsored, local, numbered network). While this document and its maps are a good start to initially seed routes, on-the-ground signage ultimately determines where routes are to be entered into OSM. Importantly, a clear distinction is made in OSM between bicycle infrastructure and bicycle routes. This wiki focuses on the routes, but it is just as important (fundamental, really) to properly tag all of the bicycle infrastructure in the county: the document (on page x, Roman numeral ten, of the Introduction) displays this bicycle infrastructure in San Mateo County. As the document shows its age (it was published in 2011), please abide by the important tenet in OSM that "on the ground" evidence of both bicycle infrastructure (for example, paint on pavement indicating bicycle lanes) and bicycle routes (sometimes, but not always, signage so indicating) is what guides OSM entry of such data.

A regional route spanning the county, described in the above document as "the spine of the county's bicycle network," is "North South Cycle Route": relation 1280856, designated network=rcn, denoted N-S in its ref=* tag. Additional regional routes in the county (and extending beyond it) include San Francisco Bay Trail relation 325779 and Pacific Coast Bike Route relation 53722. Note that the latter may be superseded by USBR 95, Phase I of which (Oregon to Daly City) is complete, Phase II of which (Daly City to Mexico) is now being developed by Caltrans for future submission to AASHTO as a new USBR application. A stub of network=rcn route for the California Coastal Trail (CCR) relation 13415989 — the biking route of this, not the hiking route — with segments in Moss Beach and Half Moon Bay, also exists: this is nascent in OSM but has garnered some recent enthusiasm to enter into OSM.

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