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We are also interested in meeting new people who want to find out more about OpenStreetMap. Feel free to come along! If you are new to mapping, but want to give it a try, come along and meet us at the venue at 10am and get one of us to give you a little mapping demonstration, read the Map Making Overview, and just give it a go! Note that you do not need a GPS unit, although if you have one, this is a fun way to put it to good use. Alternatively you are very welcome to just join us later at lunch.

This is a past event.

When : Saturday 16 August 2008 - 10am.

Where: Sandton, around Sandton City (normal map, unnamed streets map)

Morning and Lunch Venue

Morning: 10am. Europa Coffee Shop U1, Village Walk shopping centre, Maude Street map

Lunch: 1pm. We'll be at one of the venues within Village Walk, if joining us then, look out for GPS receivers. Nic Roets will likely be demonstrating Gosmore.

What is a Mapping Party?

A mapping party is where a group of OpenStreetMappers and novices descend on an area to map it exhaustively, usually over a weekend. It's a very social event where people can meet up and talk (usually at a pub or coffee shop) in between mapping sessions. A mapping session consists of dividing up an area between participants and mapping it, be that by car, cycle or walking.

Who's coming?

  • Nic Roets
  • Peter le Roux -I'm busy supervising a construction site over the road, will try drop in at 10 for a while.
  • Carl Sutton
  • Hendrik +2
  • Edit the page to add yourself here

Contact, 0837659503 or Nic Roets on OSM


  • OSM Talk ZA list - done
  • GLUG list - done
  • Local OSM mappers - done
  • Ideas? Local community websites to list on? Contacts to email about it?

Before And After

Sandton City area on 15th August 2008