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The Seaboard Air Line Railroad was one of the major freight and passenger railroads in the southeast U.S. until 1967, and is now part of CSX. Lines formerly operated by it or a subsidiary should be tagged old_railway_operator=SAL in addition to railway=rail (if still in use) or railway=abandoned.

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Trains/ICC valuations/Seaboard Air Line Railway for a chronology (which may have some errors) of lines constructed by the SAL and predecessors, compiled by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1918.

Most SAL lines still operated by CSX have milepost prefixes beginning with "S". This includes the so-called "S Line", the partially-abandoned former SAL main line from Richmond to Tampa.

Below is a list (roughly complete) of ex-SAL lines, with mapping status.

MP From To Status Notes
S Richmond Jacksonville Main Line
SA Portsmouth Norlina Portsmouth Subdivision
SAA Roanoke Junction Roanoke Rapids
SAB Boykins Lewiston Roanoke and Tar River Railroad
SB Henderson Durham
SBA Dickerson Oxford
SC Franklinton Louisburg
SD Moncure Pittsboro
SE Hamlet Wilmington Carolina Central Railroad
(unknown branch of SE) Lumberton Brownsville Raleigh and Charleston Railroad and Marion and Southern Railroad
SF Hamlet Rutherfordton Carolina Central Railroad
SG (branch of SF) Monroe Birmingham Georgia, Carolina and Northern Railway and Atlanta and Birmingham Air Line Railway
SGA Catawba Great Falls Catawba Valley Railway
(unknown branch of SG) Lawrenceville Loganville
SGB Belt Junction Inman Park
SGC Rockmart Cartersville
(unknown branch of SG) Coal City Pell City
(unknown branch of SG) Tredegar Jacksonville
SFA Ellenboro Caroleen
SFB Junction Henrietta Mills
SH Hamlet Junction Savannah East Carolina Line
SHA Georgetown Lane's
(unknown branch of S) Cheraw Crowburk Chesterfield and Lancaster Railroad
(unknown branch of S) McBee Jefferson Charlotte, Monroe and Columbia Railroad
SJ McBee Poston South Carolina Western Railway
SJA Hartsville Sumter
(unknown branch of SJA) Lydia Timmonsville
SL Savannah Montgomery Savannah, Americus and Montgomery Railway
SK (branch of SL) Vidalia Macon Macon, Dublin and Savannah Railroad
SLA Abbeville Ocilla Abbeville and Waycross Railroad
SLB Columbus Albany Columbus Southern Railway
SLC Richland Tallahassee complete from Bainbridge to Tallahassee Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railway
(unknown branch of SLC) Havana Quincy complete Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railway
(unknown branch of SLC) Tallahassee Carrabelle complete Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railway
SM Gross Baldwin complete Gross Cutoff north of Callahan
SMA Callahan Fernandina complete
(unknown branch of SMA) Fernandina Amelia Beach complete
SO Eastport Blount Island Dames Point Spur
SP Jacksonville River Junction complete
SPB Drifton Monticello complete
SPA Tallahassee St. Marks complete Tallahassee Railroad
(unknown branch of above) Tallahassee Waylonzo complete
S Baldwin Tampa complete Main Line
SN Starke Wannee complete Atlantic, Suwannee River and Gulf Railway
(unknown branch of SN) Buda Norwills main line and branch to Thames complete; can't determine where branch to Williams was also included branches to Thames and Williams
SR Waldo Gulf Coast Junction complete Tampa Northern Railroad south of Brooksville
(unknown branch of SR) Sampson City Emathla complete Tampa and Jacksonville Railway
abandoned early from Sampson City to Gainesville
(unknown branch of SR) Archer Cedar Key complete
(unknown branch of SR) Hernando Port Inglis complete Florida Central and Gulf Railway
(unknown branch of SR) Tooke Lake Junction Centralia complete Tampa Northern Railroad
(unknown branch of S) Silver Springs Junction Silver Springs complete
(unknown branch of S) Summerfield Lake Weir complete
ST Wildwood Lake Charm complete
(unknown branch of ST) Ellsworth Junction Ocoee complete Tavares and Gulf Railroad
now prefixed ATB beyond Winter Garden
(unknown branch of above) Waits Junction Clermont complete Tavares and Gulf Railroad
(unknown branch of S) Sumterville Junction Sumterville
SX Coleman Miami complete Florida Western and Northern Railroad and Seaboard-All Florida Railway
SXD Miami Downtown complete
SXH Miami Homestead complete
SV Plant City Nalaca complete Kissimmee River Railway from Walinwa to Nalaca
SVA Coronet Junction Coronet complete
(unknown branch of SV) Keysville Junction Welcome complete
SVC Edison Junction South Boca Grande complete Charlotte Harbor and Northern Railway south of Bradley Junction

was SVK from Fort Ogden to South Boca Grande when Fort Ogden to Naples line was in service

SVN Bradley Junction Agricola complete was SVH when Punta Rassa line was in service
SVC Fort Ogden Naples complete Seaboard-All Florida Railwayabandoned in 1952
SVO Fort Myers La Belle complete abandoned in 1952
SVN Punta Rassa Junction Punta Rassa complete abandoned in 1952
SVH Mulberry Bradley Junction complete Charlotte Harbor and Northern Railway
(unknown branch of SVH) Achan Ridgewood complete
(unknown branch of SVH) Cottman Tiger Bay complete
SVE Bartow Jumeau complete
SW Turkey Creek Venice complete Sarasota Subdivision
SWA Terra Ceia Junction Terra Ceia complete
SWB Ellenton Junction Ellenton complete
SWC Palmetto Junction Palmetto complete
(unknown branch of above) Palmetto Manatee Fruit Company complete
SWD Manatee Bradenton complete
(unknown branch of SW) Manatee Arcadia complete East and West Coast Railway
SZ Valrico Keysville Junction complete Valrico Cutoff
SY Tampa St. Petersburg complete Tampa Northern Railroad and Tampa and Gulf Coast Railroad
SYA Tarpon Junction Tarpon Springs complete Tampa and Gulf Coast Railroad
SYB Lake Villa Port Richey complete Tampa and Gulf Coast Railroad
SYC Indian Beach Junction Indian Beach (opposite Anona) complete Tampa and Gulf Coast RailroadSYC later reused for Drew Spur