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This table is for tracking who has volunteered to import sections of Seattle's data as part of Seattle Import 2013 (#seaimp13).

If you are new to wikis or would rather not create another account, just send a note to (OSM Seattle Meetup e-mail address) & we'll get you signed up.

NOTE: This page is a temporary marker that may not be used as the primary tracking mechanism. We are still evaluating the use of the NZ Import Tools.

Progress = pending, started w/date, done w/date
QA'd = pending, started w/date, done w/date

Neighborhood OSM Seattle Owner Progress QA'd
Adams Glassman Completed 2/3/2013 pending
Alki Glassman Completed 8/12/2013 pending
Arbor Heights Lagerratrobe Completed 7/31/2013 pending
Atlantic Glassman Completed 7/4/2013 pending
Ballard Glassman Completed 2/6/2013 pending
Bellevue tbd pending -
Belltown SeattleImport Completed 5/31/2013 pending
Bitter Lake SeattleImport Completed 4/29/2013 pending
Bothell Chris pending pending
Briarcliff SeattleImport Completed 5/18/2013 pending
Brighton Glassman Completed 7/1/2013 pending
Broadview SeattleImport Completed 5/4/2013 pending
Broadway Chronomex Completed 2/17/2013 pending
Byrant SeattleImport Completed 5/10/2013 pending
Cedar Park SeattleImport Completed 5/16/2013 pending
Central Business District Samhalai Completed 8/1/2013 pending
Columbia City Pracheer Completed 8/23/2013 pending
Crown Hill SeattleImport Completed 4/25/2013 pending
Dunlap Glassman Completed 7/1/2013 pending
Eastlake Glassman Completed 5/11/2013 pending
East Queen Anne Seattlefyi Completed 6/17/2013 pending
Fairmount Park Glassman Completed 7/25/2013 pending
Fauntleroy SeattleImport Completed 6/2/2013 pending
First Hill Chronomex Completed 2/17/2013 pending
Fremont Sudobangbang Completed 8/24/2013 pending
Gatewood SeattleImport Completed 6/2/2013 pending
Genesee Glnbrn Completed 7/26/2013 pending
Georgetown SeattleImport Completed 7/25/2013 pending
Green Lake SeattleImport Completed 5/21/2013 pending
Greenwood Foundatron Completed 6/3/2013 pending
Haller Lake SeattleImport Completed 5/11/2013 pending
Harbor Island SeattleImport Completed 5/29/2013 pending
Harrison Denny Blaine Jeffmeyer Completed 6/2/2013 pending
Highland Park Glassman Completed 7/25/2013 pending
High Point Lagerratrobe Completed 7/31/2013 pending
Holly Park Glassman Completed 7/2/2013 pending
Industrial District SeattleImport Completed 6/18/2013 pending
Interbay SeattleImport Completed 5/17/2013 pending
International District svmatthews Completed 8/27/2013 pending
Laurelhurst SeattleImport Completed 5/10/2013 pending
Lawton Park SeattleImport Completed 5/17/2013 pending
Leschi Jeffmeyer Completed 9/15/2013 pending
Lower Queen Anne Seattlefyi Completed 7/29/2013 pending
Loyal Heights Glassman Completed 2/5/2013 pending
Madison Park Jeffmeyer Completed 6/1/2013 pending
Madrona Jeffmeyer Completed 6/3/2013 pending
Mann Glassman Complete 7/5/2013 pending
Maple Leaf SeattleImport Completed 5/13/2013 pending
Matthews Beach Ptressel Co0mpleted 9/1/2013 pending
Meadow Brook SeattleImport Completed 5/13/2013 pending
Mid Beacon Hill Glassman Completed 7/3/2013 pending
Minor Glassman Completed 7/5/2013 pending
Montlake Glassman Completed 4/16/2013 pending
Mount Baker Various Completed 8/12/2013 pending
North Admiral svmatthews Completed 9/3/2013 pending
North Beach/Blue Ridge SeattleImport Completed 4/23/2013 pending
North Beacon Hill Glassman Completed 7/4/2013 pending
North College Park SeattleImport Completed 5/22/2013 pending
North Delridge Glassman Completed 7/5/2013 pending
North of Seattle tbd pending pending
North Queen Anne Seattlefyi Completed 6/3/2013 pending
Olympic Hills SeattleImport Completed 5/15/2013 pending
Phinney Ridge SeattleImport Completed 5/21/2013 pending
Pike Market Glassman Completed 7/26/2013 pending
Pinehurst PeterK Completed 8/26/2013 pending
Pioneer Square Glassman Completed 6/19/2013 pending
Portage Bay Glassman Completed 04/16/2013 pending
Rainier Beach Michael Completed 9/8/2013 pending
Rainier View Glassman Completed 7/1/2013 pending
Ravenna SeattleImport Completed 5/11/2013 pending
Renton Glassman Started 7/10/2013 pending
Riverview Glassman Completed 7/25/2013 pending
Roosevelt Anthony Completed 8/27/2013 pending
Roxhill Lagerratrobe Completed 9/5/13 pending
Sand Point SeattleImport Completed 5/12/2013 pending
Seaview Glassman Completed 7/25/2013 pending
Seward Park Glassman Completed 6/29/2013 pending
South Beacon Hill Glassman Completed 7/1/2013 pending
South Delridge Lagerratrobe Completed 9/15/2013 pending
Southeast Magnolia SeattleImport Completed 5/19/2013 pending
South Lake Union Glassman Completed 7/29/2013 pending
South of Seattle tbd pending pending
South Park User:bobschriver Completed 6/1/2013 pending
Stevens Glassman Completed 7/14/2013 pending
Sunset Hill Glassman Completed 2/3/2013 pending
University District SeattleImport Completed 5/28/2013 pending
Victory Heights SeattleImport Completed 5/14/2013 pending
View Ridge SeattleImport Completed 5/12/2013 pending
Wallingford Glassman, s_matthews Completed 8/1/2013 pending
Wedgwood SeattleImport Completed 5/12/2013 pending
West Lake SeattleImport Completed 5/30/2013 pending
West Queen Anne Seattlefyi Completed 6/4/2013 pending
West Woodland Glassman Completed 2/1/2013 pending
Whittier Heights Glassman Completed 5/21/2013 pending
Windermere SeattleImport Completed 5/10/2013 pending
Yesler Terrace Glassman Completed 7/5/2013 pending