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Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is an extension to MediaWiki (MW) which provides a powerful tool to introduce semantic information into a wiki. This extension can help us to organize, browse, evaluate and share the content and prevent us for defining not machine readable features.

Pages which can benefit

  • tag description pages can become machine readable and the map feature overview can be automatically generated from the tag description pages.
  • pages with a geographic relation can be displayed on a map, by using for example the SMW extension semantic maps.


  • redundancy will be reduced; each relevant data is hold in only one page
    • clarity increase
    • the wikis information yields a higher validity
    • the discussions page will be more central to avoid a spread of the same information
  • apps can use the wiki as data source, caused by simple data export (see RDF export)
    • render can store rendering definition (layout, symbols) in the wiki
    • analyser can use the feature definitions for further processing
    • editors can use the feature definitions for auto completion or suggestions
  • automatic generation of tabular lists
  • higher MW performance; reduction of template changes
  • more efficient searches
  • differentiated news feed generation for e.g. new or proposed features (see RSS format)
  • MW caches pages, changes of semantic data will be indicated delayed
  • complexity of templates will increase


Map feature pages

Following ontology proposals can actually be discussed:

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