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Soft Cities ( is a San Francisco-based company that sells (or used to sell) custom blankets, napkins, and scarves featuring a map of your favorite location.

The Soft Cities website is no longer up and running, although it promises to return in spring 2015

Custom map products

Choose from addresses all over the globe. It could be your house, a vacation spot, a workplace, your school, Elvis's house, etc. You pick the location and up to three markers: "I was here" "I kissed you here" "We got married here" Whatever makes that special spot in the world meaningful to you, we'll embed your marker right into the design.

Each map has been created by Stamen along with Cloudmade and, so you know these are not your run of the mill maps. One style has a Midnight Commander-like mix of blues and black, while the second one makes you think of maps on cotton candy crack. Pink land, purple highways, red bridges, rainbow rivers and oceans — why not?

These items can be ordered from Soft Cities. Gift coupons are also available. 5% of all sales go to OSM (read more)