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Sony Clie N series

This review is based on a sony Clie PEG-N770C/U. The Sony Clie N series is a low spec PDA which runs the Palm OS. The Sony Clie N series has no inbuilt GPS reciever or CF card slot. However it can plug in to an external GPS receiver such as the Haicom HI-203E. The GPS receiver needs to be powered, and the Haicom comes with a combined cable which connects the PDA, the receiver, and plugs into a car lighter socket to power the receiver and the PDA. (If you are adept with a soldering iron, you could also make a portable battery-powered adapter).

The freeware Cetus GPS software can record track logs, in its own proprietory format, which can then be converted to GPX tracks using either GPS Babel or GPS TrackData.