SotM 2011 session: Blossoms, Weeds and Blades of Grass - Growing the map

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State Of The Map 2011 Session
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A talk given by Harry Wood at State Of The Map 2011

Harry Wood blog post, slides & transcript video better audio. slides only

ustream video live action.

Slides: slideshare, OpenOffice file, PowerPoint

Original abstract

OpenStreetMap grows like an english country garden, or at least in England it does. Presenting observations (and garden metaphors) about the growth of map coverage. We'll take a look how more dedicated mappers unleash a beautiful blossom of map coverage, and other interesting quirks we've seen in the progression of map completion. We'll look at some of the unique problems OpenStreetMap faces in shepherding thousands of volunteers to create a usable map, and we'll consider the situation in the U.S. where a patchwork of free datasets are available for bulk import, and how that approach can be balanced with the aim of growing a more organic mapping community.