SotM 2011 session: Piecemeal Geodata

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State Of The Map 2011 Session
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A talk by User:Migurski at State Of The Map 2011

blog write-up and slides

A thought provoking talk about some problems with getting started as a technical user of OpenStreetMap data. He particularly highlighted the awkwardness of getting data...

  • Unclear rules about use of the API for downloading bboxs (this may have been tackled since his early experiences - See API usage policy)
  • Sudden cut off and the implied accusation abuse for heavy users
  • Strange locations for Mapnik#Data Sources (in fact coastline shapefiles are now served from, which less strange than the old user kleptog URL)
  • unhelpful file listing display on
  • more prominent links to country extracts (and should they be on a separate site?)
  • Tiled data service
  • Metro level extracts. (Looks like he's solving this one himself! : Metro Extracts service)