SotM 2011 session: Using OpenStreetMap for Logistics and Planning

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State Of The Map 2011 Session
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A talk about OsmSharp !


Many companies face logistics and planning optimisation problems requiring geographical data. This can be a huge and complex problem and the complexity of the problem prevents many companies from implementing a custom solution. Purchasing existing solutions that are expensive and rigid is, in many cases, not an option.

The OpenStreetMap project can provide a perfect solution here, providing data and tools for companies (developers) to experiment with. This paper describes one of these cases, a small company faced with logistics optimisation problem(s), in particular variations to the VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem). An open source project, OsmSharp, is developed using OpenStreetMap data and together with a combination of the tools provided by the OpenStreetMap project it is used to solve the optimisation problem(s).

First a description of the problem will be presented and the basic routing algorithm is explained. The first part of the VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) will be solved using a GA (Genetic Algorithm). The complete solution is solved using another GA and specialized operators and fitness calculations. Finally a discussion about data quality and what needs to be done to keep the routes optimal using a scoring mechanism on the results.


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