SotM 2014 session: A consumer mapping app built entirely on open code and open data

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State Of The Map 2014 Session
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Speaker: Mike Cunningham

Language: English

Media: Video

At Mapzen we built a map application for Android entirely from open software and open data that is accessible to non-mappers and will also serve to raise awareness about open-source. We use Pelias for geocoding, OpenScienceMap for rendering, OSRM for routing, the Mapzen vector tile service, and OSM for the map data and authentication. We also wrote a replacement SDK for the Google Play Services LocationClient to not rely on any closed-source code. We even have all users consent to upload their traces to OSM while in routing mode. By relying on 100% open-source we hope our users will feel empowered to effect the changes they would like to see by contributing to the code or data.

Video of the session