SotM 2014 session: OpenStreetMap and Telenav; Past, Present And Future

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State Of The Map 2014 Session
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Speaker: Martijn van Exel

Language: English

Media: Video

Telenav and OSM are now five years into our long term relationship, and it is time to to look back on what we have done together, and what the future holds. We have made some big things happen: we launched the Scout personal navigation app based on OpenStreetMap data last April. We made thousands of fixes to the U.S. map, and enabled the community to fix tens of thousands more by supporting QA tools like MapRoulette and the Battle Grid. Last but not least, Skobbler joined Telenav in January of this year. Together, we represent the single largest team of professional OSM experts out there. Martijn is excited to talk about these accomplishments, and the future of Telenav's involvement with OpenStreetMap!