SotM 2014 session: Producing Open Knowledge through Hyderabad Urban Lab

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State Of The Map 2014 Session
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Speaker:Harsha Devulapalli


Hyderabad Urban Lab has been working towards generating knowledge for the open domain through OpenStreetMap.

Last year, as part of a research project we have mapped Bholakpur, a scrap market cum municipal ward through participatory mapping.

In June 2013, a Zonal Commissioner of Hyderabad wanted to create a spatial transparent database of all roads in order to curb corrupt practices in road repairs. 15 volunteers were trained to map using Field papers and generated road data for 10 municipal wards in Hyderabad.

In May 2014, planning students worked on digitizing city maps of Andhra Pradesh with a motive to create baseline data on cities on OSM, so as to produce land use maps among other useful artefacts.