SotM Asia 2019 Call for Poster

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Call for Poster

Submit your poster to State of the Map Asia 2019! At State of the Map Asia, it will be really exciting for us that what has been done with open map data, but we also love seeing it too. Therefore, we are welcoming you to participate in our poster exhibition at State of the Map Asia 2019 in Dhaka, Bangladesh!

Your poster could show how well your home region is mapped, it could be a beautiful new style or map. It might focus on a community project or statistics, it might be a poster explaining and inviting people to OpenStreetMap or open data practices to the institutional level. What’s important, is we want it to be about OSM. We’re also welcoming academic posters about research around OpenStreetMap data and how they are bringing the change to the society.

The posters will be displayed during the conference’s poster session, where there will be the opportunity to present and discuss the posters over some food and drinks.

Rules for the exhibition

  • Poster should be for A0 size (841×1189mm)
  • Poster should be related to OpenStreetMapMax.
  • 2 entries per person
  • Make sure you are presenting your information in a clear, clean and concise way.


Summarize your poster title in 1 headline. It will express your work in brief. Keep it short and concise. The headline will be the first piece of information to capture the audience’s attention.

Two things to highlight include the title and the tagline. It’s important to know which information to emphasize based on the objective of your poster. How to submit your poster online

Submitting your poster for the State of the Map Asia, 2019 is just a click away. Prepare your file, that follows the basic criteria for poster submission and submit it via our online form and you are done. Be sure that the form has been properly submitted and the file has been upload. Just follow given link below, fill up some formal information and submit.

Poster Submission