SotM Asia 2019 Call for Proposal

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State of the Map-Asia is an annual OpenStreetMap conference, targeting Asian countries. It aims to blend in with Asian cultures, tries to figure out problems and solutions prevailing in the regions. It is an opportunity to get to know people from the localized community as well as an international one. It is such a platform where everyone is provided with the opportunity to share their ideas, works which are providing solutions to a social/technical problem keeping relevance with OpenStreetMap. This year SotM Asia-2019 is going to offer with wider prospects to share one's activities to the global level.

State of the Map Asia-2019 is going to be held in Bangladesh, where there will be a presence of a welcoming environment for diversified sessions, discussions or lightning talk. Following topic areas will be given preference for the submission. If you are confused about categorizing your topic, then try to match with the nearest one which will be sorted later.

Submission Topic:

  1. Cartography / Visualization / Analysis
  2. Data creation / Data Privacy /Data Protection
  3. Humanitarian / Environment / Citizen Science
  4. Education / Documentation
  5. Local community / Diversity
  6. Transport / Planning
  7. Governance / Public Policy / Data Protection

Session Type

Several types of proposals shall be given preference based on their session time. Session time has be categorized as follows:

  • Lightning talk (5 minutes)
  • Talk (20 minutes)
  • Workshop (60-90 minutes)
  • Extended Talk (40 minutes)
  • Panel Discussion


The conference language of State of the Map Asia in English. All presentations shall be held in English. It is an important aspect of the conference that visitors can interact with the speaker for questions and discussion.

Submission of Proposal through online form is closed now. If anybody want to make any further communication please through a mail: ( )


State of the Map Asia is a non-commercial event driven by the community, where no organizers, participants or speakers are reimbursed for their roles in the event. Though several scholarships are provided to those who face difficulty to attend the event but comes up with excellent activities. Our call for the scholarship can be found in the given link below who wish to apply for funding to attend the programs.

Submission for scholarship is closed now!!