South Africa/Cape Town Import

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Page to coordinate the import of City of Cape Town data import.

Mapnik rendering of the data

Htonl has converted the data and created this slippymap rendering.

Roads file

Field Values City of Cape Town descriptive name Format Description Implemented?
Class Freeway highway=motorway
Primary Arterial highway=trunk?
Secondary Arterial highway=?
Expressway highway=?
Minor Road highway=unclassified
NULL ? service ?
Drive NULL ?
Class 1 Class of Freeway? ?
Class 2 Class of Freeway? ?
Length -
ObjectID -
Road_No ?
Road_No ref=
SegName name=SegName+Suffix
SegType Public
Private access=private
Complex access=permissive, highway=service?
Shape_len -
Speed maxspeed=
Str_LinkNo ?
Str_NameI ?
Suffix name=SegName+Suffix
Updated 0,1,2,3 Revision? ?