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View of Noordhoek just outside Cape Town


We want to have a mapping party in Noordhoek. The Noordhoek area has cloud cover on the Yahoo! maps. It will be great to have it here because it's close to Cape Town and is a small area. We plan to have supper at the Red Herring after the mapping.


We will be mapping Noordhoek which is on the southern side of Chapmans Peak drive and just off Ou Kaaps.


The mapping party will take place on the 10th November. We will be meeting at Noordhoek Farm Village parking lot at 2pm. After a chat about the game plan, we will head out and mapping. Afterwards we can meet at the Red Herring for pizza. If people bring laptops + 3G we can start the mapping there.


  • Take the M3 south.
  • At the end of the M3, turn right at a set of robots.
  • Follow this road through 1 set of robots and then take the M64 turn off (Ou Kaaps) (not indicated well on OSM).
  • Drive along Ou Kaaps for a bit and look at the view. Turn right into Silvermine Road.
  • Follow this straight till the M6 turn off, head right.
  • About 200 meters down the road you'll see the Farm Store on the right (with scare scows and other strange things outside). Take a right turn past it and go around the back.

Who's Coming

Add yourself to the list if you are keen on coming and let us know what you can bring.


We'll break up into teams. 1 GPS and 2 (or more) people per car. Each car can have a driver and 1 or more mappers.


We had 2 teams driving around Noordhoek and managed to finish gathering location data in less then an hour.

MJ Watson blogged about it over here


Before mapping party

Cloud covered most of the area to the South West of the main road on Yahoo images, so GPS traces were needed...


Two teams drove around for about an hour. As you can see, there was some overlap too. Without a "free" map available to base our routes on, dividing the workload was tricky.

GPS traces


Noordhoek is mapped!

After mapping party