South Carolina/State Route Relations

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Tagging relations

Use the following tags when creating or editing an Interstate relation:

Tag Comment
type=route Required.
network=US:SC Required.
ref=* Required. Enter the unique portion of the reference only.
route=road Required.
modifier=* Required for Bannered State routes. ex. "TRUCK"; "BYPASS"
addr:state=xx Required. xx = State Postal Code.
symbol=* Optional. URL to an SVG image of the route shield. You can find these in Wikimedia commons (see the Wikipedia page for each route).
wikipedia=* Optional. Title of the Wikipedia page about the route.
name=* Deprecated. The name=* tag should not be marked on same relation unless the entire system has the same name.

State Routes

Where a route divides, use one relation with role=north/south/east/west as appropriate. The signposted direction, where known, is in the direction column.

Route number Relation Direction Progress
22 relation 1189550 E/W
31 relation 1189551 N/S