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Import Complete

Import completed; cleared with OSM Seattle community leaders and Imports-US mailing list.

City of Normandy Park: Complete

City of Kent: Complete

City of Renton: Complete

City of Covington: Complete

City of Tukwila: Complete

City of Des Moines: Complete

City of Burien: Complete

City of Federal Way: Complete

City of Auburn: Complete

City of Black Diamond: Complete

City of SeaTac: Complete

City of Enumclaw: Complete

City of Maple Valley: Complete

City of Seattle (Unincorporated areas): Complete


This page is intended to document plans for an upcoming import of data from King County. This is intended to be a craft-style import of addresses and buildings in South King County. This import is manually done and will be completed with an eye toward on-the-ground accuracy.

We plan to follow & update the plan found at import checklist, but our general high level plan is this:

  • Identify data to import
  • Translate, tag, and otherwise prepare the data
  • Make sure the community are all on board with the plan.
  • Do the work: Import/merge the data

The intent is to begin this effort in earnest in mid 2018.


The goal of this effort is to radically improve the quality of South King County address and building information in OpenStreetMap.


  • Planning: Mid 2018
  • Import: Mid-Late 2018
  • QA: During import

Import Data


Address data will be derived from King County's GIS dataset. Permission was previously obtained for another import that was not completed.

Data source site:
Data license:

Building footprint data will be derived from the Bing building dataset for Washington, which includes South King County.

Data source site:!AqWv0F0N63JkgS4-Wt583YbipkKM Data license: Permissions: This data was explicitly provided for OSM use by Microsoft

Data Files

King County provides its information as shapefiles in Washington State Plane North.

Address Data Files: coming shortly
Building Data Files: coming shortly

Import Type

This is an OSM Seattle one-user, one-time import.

There are currently no plans to script or automate this import.

Data Preparation

Tagging Plans

No source tags will be added.

Changeset Tags

Need to learn more about how to use these in order to make sure we set things up properly.

Tag in import-related changesets: import=King County GIS

Data Transformation

The source files have been converted to OSM XML.

Data Transformation Results

Output OSM XML files can be reviewed here: [Coming soon]

Data Merge Workflow


  • Local knowledge
  • Bing/ESRI/DigitalGlobe aerial layer (depending on the age of the data)
  • Existing OSM data
  • Address data import


  • A section of building data will be obtained from the Bing dataset roughly equaling 1000 buildings.
  • Associated address points will be copied over from the King County address data.
  • Run validation on the existing OSM data layer that now contains new data, resolve all issues emanating from collisions between existing and new data (see merge rules).
  • Do a sanity check on data: Do addresses correspond to adjacent roads? (more on imagery below)
  • Merge with existing address data. Use the JOSM "m" key to merge nodes. Check for addresses in POI and merge to new address data.
  • To merge with a building outline, use the Replace Geometry (Ctrl+Sift+G) by selection the existing building outline and the new address node. Note: Only merge building outline with an address node if the building outline contains just one address node.
  • Upload data to OSM

Conflation Tools

This will use the merge tool to combine addresses with building outlines

Known Dataset Conflation Issues

Local knowledge Where known, additional data will be added during the import

Dedicated Import Account

A dedicated account will be used for the import, Omnific_Import


Due to the non-automated nature of the import, QA will occur during the process. All data will be visually checked for out-of-date outlines, excess address nodes, poor quality outlines, etc.