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A Spätkauf or Späti is a late-night corner shop usually found in Germany, mainly in major cities of northern and central Germany. The short name Späti is used in specially in Berlin. Other terms are Trinkhalle, Bude (Ruhr area), Büdchen (a small Bude, Cologne), and Wasserhäuschen (Frankfurt area).

You may differentiate between Spätkauf and kiosk. Kiosk refers to a small booths at the edge of a street, while a Späti (Trinkhalle, Bude) is inside a building - but this differentiation is not universally valid.

It sells snacks, sweets, beverages and cigarettes also at night and on weekends. Some focus on newspapers, coffee and pastries and open very early.

See also Spätkauf in the German Wikipedia. More pictures: Trinkhalle (Verkaufsstelle)

It could be tagged with shop=convenience in combination with the opening_hours=*.

The navigation Service Skobbler translates the tag shop=convenience to Spätkauf.