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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a free web server for tracking an unlimited number of mobile devices with GPS/GPRS capabilities. Using this service, the real time position of the devices can be tracked on the Internet, furthermore, the historical paths can bee seen on the Maps or downloaded for further analysis.

This system is already available for public use. Drivers are available for the following mobile devices:

OpenStreetMap is the basic layer for real-time visualization and tracking worldwide. Google Maps can also be chosen for the visualization of historical paths. Furthermore, the Institut Cartografic de Catalunya (ICC) topographical maps and ortophotos ( can also be used in Catalunya (Spain).

Currently users are:

The systems has been tested from Peru, Portugal, Spain and France

Current improvements being developed are:

  • Geofencing: issue an alarm when the devices enter o exits from predefined areas
  • Reporting: adding reporting facilities.

Contacts for further information:

  • Jaume Figueras (
  • Toni Guasch (