Spanish 3rd anniversary party (Ávila)

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We will celebrate the third anniversary of the first OSM meeting in Spain. We also plan to complete the Ávila street map, which is lacking street names the most.

Where and when

Ávila city. Proposed meet-up point is the parking of the "Cuatro Postes" hotel, at or around 11:30 AM. If weather is cold, we'll fall back to the hotel's hall or bar indoors.

Date (firm)

21th February 2010 (Saturday & Sunday).

Schedule (proposed)

  • Morning: mapping party - send out teams to survey street names.
  • Midday: Cochinillo time - have a typical beef lunch near the Plaza Mayor.
  • Afternoon: Chapter-to-be meeting - what are we missing to be a chapter, what do we have to do this year (banking, SotM10, etc)

Chapter matters to be discussed

  • Board elections
  • Accounts balance
  • OSMF federation agreement
  • Banking account (or lack of)
  • State of the Map 2010
    • State of the Map 2010 money
      • Spanish goverment funding aids: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (MICINN) - LIA de proyectos I+D+i - Subprograma de Acciones complementarias a los proyectos de investigación fundamental no orientada
      • CENATIC grants
      • Commercial sponsors
  • Agreements with gov't agencies
    • Existing agreements
  • Any other pending issues