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The documentation of the import proposals that were made between 2011 and 2016, which were previously on this page, are in Spanish Cadastre/2011-2016

The Cadastre in Spain

The Catastro Inmobiliario is an administrative register dependent on the Ministry of Finance and Public Function in which rustic, urban and special properties are described. It is regulated by the Revised Text of the Real Estate Cadastre Law, the registration in it is mandatory and free, characteristics that differentiate it from the Property Registry.

The cadastral description of the real estate includes its physical, legal and economic characteristics, among which are its location, cadastral reference, surface, use, cultivation, graphic representation, cadastral value and cadastral titleholder.

Import of buildings and addresses

Spanish Cadastre Buildings Import.svg

Since February 2018, imports of buildings and addresses are being carried out following the proposal Spanish_Cadastre/Buildings_Import

Brief History of the use of Cadastre data in OSM

  • 2007-2011: WMS, PDF. During this period we used their WMS server to draw buildings and as a reference in a timely manner. The Cadastre allows it, with the only limitation of not carrying out massive downloads. The first massive imports are made, which were detected and reverted by the community. At least one massive import in Cantabria was made, based on the article 13 of the Intellectual Property Law (the laws are not subject to intellectual property). In 2011, Iván Sánchez develops catastreitor and Oscar Fonts cadatro2postgis.
  • July 3, 2011: The Cadastre changes the license, allowing Spanish citizens to mass download, transform and distribute Transformed data under any other license.