Spartanburg County Subdivision Import

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Spartanburg County Subdivision import


This page is intended to document plans for an upcoming import of named residential areas provided by the Spartanburg county GIS department and building footprints from Microsoft.

The plan is to follow the import checklist:

  • Identify data to import
  • Translate, tag, and otherwise tenderize the data
  • Do the work: Import/merge the data
  • QA the data


  • Identify land use and name of named residential areas not already in OSM


This work will take place within two months after a 2 week review period.


Subdivision data has been received from the county GIS office

Type of license: Public domain, and also an email has been obtained from the GIS office granting permission for OpenStreetMap to use the data.

August 24, 2018 3:38 PM

Spartanburg County data is not copyrighted. Because it is created with taxpayer money, when we distribute the data it is offered without restrictions.

Bill Porter, Sr. GIS Analyst 864 596 3257 GIS Addressing / Spartanburg County 366 N Church St

Spartanburg, SC 29303

Import Type

This is a one-time import, done with JOSM. Original .OSM file of new subdivision will be retained with the intent of adding a new process in the future of applying diffs to keep up to date.

Data Merge Workflow

Conversion script / sample data is at Note that this is for reference only - there will be overlapping land use areas and unused data in the sample. The tool was used with the filter and the output result was run through the SimplifyWay tool in JOSM.

Team Approach

The dedicated accounts to be used for the import are named Spartanburg_SC_County_Import1 and Spartanburg_SC_County_Import3. 2 local mappers have expressed an interest in helping with the import. The other active mapper in the area will be notified and encouraged to participate if interested.

In JOSM, edit imagery preferences to add this URL as a new TMS layer named "Spartanburg Subdivisions" -

The project will be coordinated via the OSM US Tasking manager using the project , which contains instructions. For each square, perform the following -

  • Select the background imagery - usually "ESRI Clarity (Beta)" for clearest view or "Maxar Premium" for newest view.
  • Select the "Spartanburg Subdivisions" vector imagery layer.
  • Trace the subdivision, combining all occurrences of "xyz Phase I", "xyz Phase II" into one area. Add landuse=residential , place=neighborhood, name=xyz (without Phase *).
  • Outer subdivision boundary should not extend to the road centerline, but only to the edge of the road. This is different than the background source data.
  • Take care not to "glue" the outer subdivision boundary to roadways. It may (and usually should) share nodes with adjacent subdivisions not separated by a road.
  • Skip land parcels not yet developed - for example "The Billy Bob Estate", having few buildings or address points.
  • There are a handful if identified industrial parks that should be tagged as landuse=industrial.
  • It may be necessary to download beyond the current "square" in order to be sure the landuse doesn't overlap an adjacent landuse from another square.