Spartanburg county road center line import

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Spartanburg county road center line import


This page is intended to document plans for an upcoming import of road center lines provided by the Spartanburg county GIS department.

The plan is to follow the import checklist:

  • Identify data to import
  • Translate, tag, and otherwise tenderize the data
  • Do the work: Import/merge the data
  • QA the data


  • Check alignment of all county roads with imagery
  • Add turning circles
  • Add new / missing roads
  • Remove roads that no longer exist
  • Review and correct road names as needed
  • Expand any existing abbreviated road names
  • Remove tiger:reviewed=no flag on all roads


This work will take place within two months after a 2 week review period.


Data has been received from the county GIS office

Type of license: Public domain, and also an email has been obtained from the GIS office granting permission for OpenStreetMap to use the data.

August 24, 2018 3:38 PM

Spartanburg County data is not copyrighted. Because it is created with taxpayer money, when we distribute the data it is offered without restrictions.

Bill Porter, Sr. GIS Analyst 864 596 3257 GIS Addressing / Spartanburg County 366 N Church St

Spartanburg, SC 29303

Import Type

This is a one-time import, done with JOSM.

Data Merge Workflow

Conversion scripts are at . All usable tags in the source data have been mapped to OSM attributes. For an example of the converted data, see . Note that the primary use of this data is as a reference for road geometry and names on a background layer. The only case of direct data access would be for new roads in residential subdivisions where a group of streets may be copied from one layer to another in JOSM.

Team Approach

2 local mappers have expressed an interest in helping with the import. The other active mapper in the area will be notified and encouraged to participate if interested.

The project will be coordinated via the OSM US Tasking manager using the project , which contains instructions. For each square, check each road for the following -

  • Update names to match official names.
  • Review all road geometry against aerial and GIS data as a background layer.
  • Add surface type as paved if it appears paved in imagery. Counter-verify with Bing Street View if questionable. Do not guess at this and risk accidentally marking a gravel or dirt road as paved.
  • Mark roads as reviewed by removing tiger:reviewed=no only for streets with known surface type.
  • Delete any roads that don't exist
  • Add turning circles where not already marked
  • Expand any abbreviated road names