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Filter ID:16


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Filter hits:2,106 hits
Statistics:Of the last 567 actions, this filter has matched 0 (0%). On average, its run time is 0.09 ms, and it consumes 2 conditions of the condition limit.
ltemplates := "{{ *(AGPL|Apache license 2.0|Assumed-CC-BY-SA-2.0-self|Attribution|Bing image|Bing image portions|BSD|CC-BY-(NC-|)(ND-|)(SA-|)(2.0|2.5|3.0|4.0|)(-self| OpenStreetMap|)|CC-SA-1.0|CC0|CC0-self|Esri image|Geograph|GFDL|GPL|ID screenshot|ISC|JOSM Icon license|JOSM screenshot without imagery|LGPL|Licence Ouverte( 2|)|Mapbox image credit|Maxar image|MIT|MPL|ODbL( OpenStreetMap|)|OSM Carto (example|icon|screenshot)|PD(-B-road-sign|-CAGov|-creator|-old|-PRC-Road Traffic Signs|-RU-exempt|-self|-shape|-USGov|-USGov-NOAA|)|Self-made-image|Tiles@Home screenshot|WTFPL(-self|)) *(\||}})"; (action == 'stashupload' | action == 'upload') & !("bot" in user_groups) & !(new_wikitext rlike ltemplates) & !(old_wikitext rlike ltemplates) /* needed for re-uploads with existing license templates */
Filter last modified:11:26, 23 April 2023 by Tigerfell (talk | contribs)
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