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25 November 2020

      01:58  User talk:Rtfm diffhist +775 Adamant1 talk contribs →‎Sales Etc. Etc. namespace proposal: new section

22 November 2020

      06:25  Tag:office=international organization‎‎ 6 changes history +1,307 [Jeisenbe‎ (6×)]
06:25 (cur | prev) +14 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Tags to use in combination: fix list formatting
06:24 (cur | prev) -35 Jeisenbe talk contribs Remove File:Flag_of_the_United_Nations.svg - this tag is not just for the UN. Perhaps we can find a picture of a UN office or other office as an example of the feature we are mapping instead.
06:24 (cur | prev) -16 Jeisenbe talk contribs Change template to standard list of tags to use in combination
06:22 (cur | prev) +23 Jeisenbe talk contribs description = An office of an international or intergovernmental organization.
06:21 (cur | prev) +668 Jeisenbe talk contribs This tag has mostly been used for offices of organisations such as the United Nations and the World Bank. Note that this tag has used the spelling "organization" which is more common in North American English, rather than the British spelling "organisation”. - |seeAlso= * {{Tag|office|ngo}} * {{Tag|office|charity}} * {{Tag|office|association}} * {{Tag|office|foundation}} * {{Tag|office|quango}} * {{Tag|office|government}} * {{Tag|office|diplomatic}}
06:08 (cur | prev) +653 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Similar tags: Add more similar tags - new list ngo, charity, association, foundation, quango, government, diplomatic

21 November 2020

      22:40  User talk:Rtfm diffhist +142 Rtfm talk contribs
      18:53  User:Rtfm‎‎ 2 changes history +325 [Rtfm‎; Jeisenbe‎]
18:53 (cur | prev) +157 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Personal focus: :: Why not make a Proposal process proposal to improve it then? --~~~~
17:55 (cur | prev) +168 Rtfm talk contribs
 N    14:59  Tag:office=international organization diffhist +979 Rtfm talk contribs page created, differentiation to other organizations could be improved

19 November 2020

      22:22  User talk:Rtfm‎‎ 3 changes history +1,799 [Rtfm‎; Jeisenbe‎ (2×)]
22:22 (cur | prev) +551 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Please review how a tag is used before creating a new page to document it: :: Of course there are offices in universities. I'm asking that if you want to document the tag {{tag|office|university}}, please check how this tag is being used in more than one country. Your documentation suggested that it was a way to tag a university faculty (aka department or division), but more often it is used for administrative or services offices, e.g. student services, registrars etc... --~~~~
10:53 (cur | prev) +469 Rtfm talk contribs
06:39 (cur | prev) +779 Jeisenbe talk contribs →‎Please review how a tag is used before creating a new page to document it: new section
      07:19  Key:office diffhist -8 Jeisenbe talk contribs Change to {{Template:Map Features:office}}