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Speed limit string values for Romania
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Flaviu
Tagging: maxspeed=RO:urban / RO:rural / RO:trunk / RO:motorway
Applies to: way
Definition: Speed limit string values for Romania
Rendered as: *
Drafted on:
Proposed on: 2010-12-07
RFC start: 2010-12-08
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


  • Straightforward way and minimal computational power to obtain the speed limit.
  • Minimal computational power to determine in which country the road is in order to obtain the numeric value of speed limit.
  • Speed limit is independent of changes in traffic laws.
  • The notation follows the road classification of traffic laws of Romania.


Tag Speed (km/h) Details
maxspeed=RO:urban 50 For urban roads
maxspeed=RO:rural 90 Outside the settlements - for national roads (DN) that are not european roads, county roads (DJ), communal roads (DC), etc.
maxspeed=RO:trunk 100 Outside the settlements - for european roads (E)
maxspeed=RO:motorway 130 For motorways (A)


  • Adding the tags <tag k="maxspeed" v="RO:motorway"><tag k="maxspeed:hgv" v="RO:motorway">

to each navigable way will increase the XML data of Romania OSM map (currently ~1.6 GB) with less than 44 MB.

  • The speed limit deduction based on administrative borders will fail on many roads because the administrative borders of many settlements are not updated to enclose all local roads.
  • The maxspeed values can be considered redundant if those values can be computed in a very easy way by everyone. Otherwise, considering that maxspeed values are redundant data, it is only a restriction imposed to the users that don't have access to certain technology - which, at least for me, is inconceivable.
  • The existent tools that process OSM data, including the computation of speed limits using spatial queries, are not affected by the proposed maxspeed values because those values can be ignored on parsing phase.


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