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Split is city in south-eastern coastal part of Croatia, region Dalmacija. It is capital of county Splitsko-dalmatinska županija and 2nd largest city in Croatia. It is vital ferry harbour to Croatian islands.

Split, Croatia

Latitude : 43.5141, Longitude : 16.4711
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Split is a city in Croatia at latitude 43.5141, longitude 16.4711.

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  • Split Vision City Tour: relation 2179003
  • Tourist train: relation 2370165
  • riksa tour Split:

Closure of the Marjan tunnel

Once a year the tunnel that goes under the Marjan forest is closed for several days (usually during weekend) for maintenance. If you want to reach the other part of the city during that maintenance period, the alternative is a temporary route around the peninsula which is inaccessible during the rest of the year. That alternative route can be viewed here.