State of the Map/Planning/AV and Wifi

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General venue stuff

  • Is there support staff for technical AV issues, how do we contact them?
  • Where are power sockets we might need (near the lectern, near where the camera will go)?
  • Might be easy to take a photo of any control panels or sockets(visual/sound/power) at the lectern, so we can refer to it later.


Things to find out for each room with talks...

  • What microphones are available, common types are
    • Fixed to the lectern (not good, as people like to walk around)
    • Handheld. Wireless, or how long is the wire? IS there a stand it can be on, or a holder on the lectern?
    • Head mic. Rests on the ears or neck & a the microphone sticks out.
    • Tie mic. Clips to their tie, or to their shirt.
  • What batteries do the wireless microphones have, should we have spares ready?
  • Can we connect an audio


Things to consider for each room with talks...

  • What input can the projector take (VGA, HDMI, Mac)?
  • What resolution the projector is.
  • If there is a computer that can display, or do we need to plug our own in.

Rooms for other uses don't normally need any AV, but it can be helpful to know if they have

  • A projector or TV screen that can be used.
  • An erasable whiteboard/blackboard.