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Application form

Getting the application form right with make it much easier for both you and the applicants. Fortunately it is possible to build upon our experience and that of others.

The key is to ask all the questions you need answers for based on any priorities you identified for your scholarship program (e.g. ask about languages if you are prioritising people from non-English speaking countries) and no additional questions that won't be used.


  • State of the Map - (LINK TO BE ADDED)
  • WikiMania (their scholarship process is well documented) - Copied to word document here.

Limits to written responses

Past experience has shown[1] that it is worth limiting the free-form written responses otherwise the selection committee with have a lot to read! We suggest have one main written question and limiting this to 1500 characters maximum.

To allow the applicants to comment on procedural matters (e.g. stating that they already have a valid travel visa) we provide a second "Anything else we should know?" written response box. This can be limited to 200 characters maximum.


An announcement that the call for scholars is open is made through the key external communication channels (blog, twitter, email newsletter). Depending on the rate of applications and/or any aims to encourage applications from certain backgrounds, a number of reminder communications may be required.

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