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The keynote is the main starting talk of the conference (before dividing into tracks), given by someone who would be considered a main person within OSM or a special guest. Should be someone who can boldly make a statement on what the big OSM subjects of the last 12 months are and what is the next big thing for OSM and the OSMF.

Places to look

  • OSMF Board Member
  • Board member of the local chapter hosting the conference
  • Working Group lead, for the WG that is a top/hot topic currently
  •  ???

Past Speakers

  • 2017 - Arun Ganesh, "Map man of India" gave a talk titled "Connecting the dots" (slides)
  • 2016 - Ambassador Allan Mustard, US Ambassador to Turkmenistan (video) shared stories of him coming to OSM, recruiting more mappers/users, and the importance/benefit of OSM.
  • 2014 - no talk presented/introduced as a keynote?
  • 2013 - Steve Coast, Chairman Emeritus of OSMF "The revolution that is OSM"
  • 2012 - Steve Coast, Chairman Emeritus of OSMF "Welcome Keynote"
  • 2011 - Steve Coast, Chairman of OSMF (slides) "Mapping the future". (Keynote started Day 2, A welcome from the host Campus Chancellor was given on Day 1)
  • 2010 - no talk presented as keynote, but Steve's Day 2 talk wrongly links to his SotM US keynote
  • 2009 - Steve Coast, Chairman of OSMF Intro to OSM
  • 2008 - not labelled as a keynote but Dr Robert Barr, Manchester University began with The MegaGalactic Super Visible StreetSign Company
  • 2007 - Steve Coast, "This Mapping Stuff Could Really Take Off"