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Feedback from tasks / info sought

  • Ed Parsons has agreed to be our keynote speaker
  • The facilities - 250 people lecture room with a projecter and other electronics but no wifi. plenty of room for other stuff around the room. Plenty of "side space"
  • Accomodation - not confirmed, but as its not term time , we can probably get student halls places
  • There are limited admin and secretarial facilities - very limited, basically some free

Web-pages to manage submission

  • Nickb is investigating Pentabarf

80n's budgetary spreadsheet

  • assuming 250 delegates and 5-10 exhibitors is income of about £5k, expenditure of maybe £2-3k

Initial division of responsibilities


Promotion - online, printed


Acceptance of abstracts

  • how will we decide?


<nickb_ldn_>	yep - as its Ruby, we should be able to modify it easy enough
<nickb_ldn_>	Should we have it at conference.openstreetmap, or get a new domain?
<_80n>	Both conference.openstreetmap and
<_80n> is currently pointing to the wiki page
<nickb_ldn_>	cool - one step ahead
<nickb_ldn_>	so how about email addresses - if we are approaching organisations asking for sponsorship and participation, it will seem a lot more professional if it is done from or
<nickb_ldn_>	as it stands there is treasurer@osm - right?
<_80n>	It should be possible to have role based email addresses created - what would we need?
<_80n>	treasurer@ - yeah
<_80n>	ProgrammeCommittee@ is a bit of a mouthful
<nickb_ldn_>	well Pentabarf will deal with submissions, but we could also do with press@ ,
<nickb_ldn_>	info@  - could foward to anyone who volunteers as part of an organising committee?
<_80n>	OK, anyone else got any feedback or details to report since last week's meeting?
<_80n>	I know SteveC has - if he makes it through the snow (it was bad in Reigate)
<_80n>	almost 1cm this morning ;)
<_80n>	Next item: Budget
<_80n>	I drew up a spreadsheet estimating income and expenditure related to the conf.
<nickb_ldn_>	ok - steve just phoned me
<nickb_ldn_>	mind if I butt in with his comments?
<_80n>	Go ahead
<nickb_ldn_>	1: Ed Parsons has agreed to be our keynote
<_80n>	cool!
<nickb_ldn_>	2: The facilities - 250 people lecture room with a projecter and other electronics but no wifi
<nickb_ldn_>	plenty of room for other stuff around the room
<nickb_ldn_>	3: Accomodation - not confirmed, but as its not term time , we can probably get student halls places
<nickb_ldn_>	4: There are limited admin and secretarial facilities - very limited, basically some free photocopyong.  We will have to provide other facilities - likel phone answering
<nickb_ldn_>	think thats all
<_80n>	OK, thats really good news about the keynote
<nickb_ldn_>	oh - and Steve isnt going to be here tonight - something about a pint....
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<nickb_ldn_>	Yeah, thats something that will pull people in
<_80n>	Thank Steve for this info
<_80n>	Back to the budget..
<nickb_ldn_>	ok
<_80n>	The bottom line, assuming 250 delegates and 5-10 exhibitors is income of about £5k, expenditure of maybe £2-3k
<nickb_ldn_>	ok - could you share the speadsheet on google docs?
<_80n>	Not many expense items have been identified yet - so that is still a bit iffy
<_80n>	Yes - do you have a gmail account?
<nickb_ldn_>	yeah
<_80n>	done
<_80n>	The figures are all guesswork but its something to work on
<nickb_ldn_>	ok - we have to start somewhere I guess
<_80n>	Can we quickly run through the headings from the last meeting to see if there are any new points and then wrap up with "Initial division of responsibilities"
<_80n>	1 Target audience & Primary Aims
<_80n>	I think this is pretty much unchanged.
<nickb_ldn_>	yep
<_80n>	2 Session Format – Main hall only and/or less formal presentations
<_80n>	Did SteveC say anything about breakout rooms?
<nickb_ldn_>	yes - main hall for formal presentations, and then try and encourage other stuff -
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<nickb_ldn_>	yes - he said there is plenty of "side space"
<_80n>	is that other rooms or just space at the edge of the hall?
<nickb_ldn_>	which should facilitate informal discussions etc - if we encourage peopel to exhibit posters, and then serve lunch/coffee in side areas
<nickb_ldn_>	I got the impression it is space around the hall - sort of annex space rather than rooms
<_80n>	we need a plan of the facility
<nickb_ldn_>	that could be hard to come by
<_80n>	lets work on the basis that it will all happen in the one hall for the moment
<nickb_ldn_>	the formal presentations?
<_80n>	formal presentations and workshops and exhibitors and coffee area
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<_80n>	if there is only one space it means we can only really have one track
<nickb_ldn_>	yes
<_80n>	3 Workshops
<nickb_ldn_>	I think if we have a situation where we have loads of quality presentation and cant fit them in, we'll be able to pressure the uni to procude more rooms
<nickb_ldn_>	in the mean time, we shoudl plan for one
<_80n>	Oh we can have workshops "in the field"
<nickb_ldn_>	yeah - practical mapping - it went down a treat at FOSS
<_80n>	it would be nice to have small breakout sessions though
<_80n>	I guess it all depends on what we get from the call for participation
<nickb_ldn_>	Yeah, I think we're going ot need a site visit - or at least communication from Martin Dodge at Manchester
<_80n>	4 Session Themes & Chairs – Submission of papers/talk topics
<_80n>	I thingh we had discussed a timeline last week but I don't see anything in the notes
<nickb_ldn_>	So there are a couple of main themes emerging from the wiki page on this
<_80n>	Found it: timeline for submissions - call for papers / participation immediately, deadline for submissions 1 March, provisional programme 1 April?
<_80n>	We also need a registration timeline
<nickb_ldn_>	Sounds good, but we should think about how we will publicise - for example - how much notice do GeoCOnnexions need to publichs something liek this?
<nickb_ldn_>	We shoudl inventivise early registration by giving free limited edition X to early subscrubers - who pay up front
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	 * _80n just added that to the spreadsheet
<_80n>	If our timeline isn't practical we'll just need to adjust it - but we need to start with some dates.
<nickb_ldn_>	So shall we go with 1 march for submissions then - the site will be up by 1st Feb at the latest, so gives people a month
<_80n>	Yes.  And call for papers as soon as the site is up
<nickb_ldn_>	So then we need to advertise the call for papers
<_80n>	5 Sponsorship & Exhibitors/Posters
<nickb_ldn_>	I contacted people at UCL - who say a big no to sponsorship
<nickb_ldn_>	so we look for commercial organisations I guess
<_80n>	In the spreadsheet I assumed 3 major exhibitors and 5 smaller exhibitors, and then 5 non-commercial exhibitors to fill in the gaps
<nickb_ldn_>	So I suppose we should contact 3 times as many for each category
<_80n>	We need to contact as many as we can - GPS suppliers, Map users, etc
<_80n>	We also need to try to get sponsors for tea and coffee breaks etc
<nickb_ldn_>	So, lets have a wiki page open for a few days to encourage brain storming on sponsors - then when we have a site up, we can email them
<_80n>	good idea
	 * nickb_ldn_ adds to the wiki
<_80n>	6 Fees, concessions, Registration processing
<_80n>	Currently my spreadsheet says £20 early registration, £25 full registration, £15 concessions, £0 press, VIPs and presenters
<f_mohr>	i'd say commercial presenters should pay a fee
<nickb_ldn_>	sounds alright to me - but what do you think we shoudl provide with the fee?
<nickb_ldn_>	Luch, programme, t-shirt
<nickb_ldn_>	and a map of the area of course
<almien_l>	their advert on the program?
<_80n>	at the moment I've only factored in lunch - we can give more if we get a good take up
<_80n>	t-shirts should maybe be an additional revenue source
<nickb_ldn_>	ok, so an option when you sign up - pay an extra £10 for a tshirt (that shoudl cost us £5)
<_80n>	OSM t-shirts are very prestigous ;)
<_80n>	And £15 to buy on the day
<nickb_ldn_>	tell that to the two small Anniversary ones at teh bottom of my - "things to selll on ebay" pile
<_80n>	XXL sell much better than S
<nickb_ldn_>	yeah - I've learnt my lesson - I thought there might be some girls there!
<_80n>	lol
<_80n>	7 Audio/Visual & IT requirements
<nickb_ldn_>	my brother fits into it though:
<_80n>	no wifi is a bummer
<nickb_ldn_>	SO, we know there is no wifi available - could we find someone to sort that out
<nickb_ldn_>	I really dont know much about networking on this level, but someone on the list must be able to think of something we can do
<_80n>	I think we should try
<nickb_ldn_>	On the Visual front, my other brother should be able to borrow a nice camera from his college and film the conference
<nickb_ldn_>	and produce an edited DVD that we can distribute - prob via bittorrent
<_80n>	good
<nickb_ldn_>	audio wise - we should broadcast a live feed
<nickb_ldn_>	VLC server can do it
<_80n>	at least that way Steve can't delete it
<_80n>	;)
	 * nickb_ldn_ remembers
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<_80n>	8 Accommodation & catering
<_80n>	It will be cool if we can get Uni accommodation
<nickb_ldn_>	yeah - it seems a good possibliity
<_80n>	Did Steve say anything about access to the canteen?
<nickb_ldn_>	no, he didnt
<_80n>	we need to find out what is available/possible
<_80n>	9 Conference support services (front desk etc)
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<nickb_ldn_>	so there's not much support
<_80n>	We should do as much admin as possible before the date
<_80n>	And make it as automatic as possible
<nickb_ldn_>	its going to be up to us - could be a case of manning a Skype In line and making sure someone's at a desk all the time
<_80n>	Lots of signs and stuff will help a lot
<nickb_ldn_>	Yeah. I really think that a few of us are going to have to go up to Manchester a month or so before, to scope things out
<pere>	It is a good idea to have one person responsible for organizing the support desk.
<nickb_ldn_>	pere: volunteer?
<_80n>	Lets put a site visit into the timeline
<pere>	there will be a lot of work there, so make sure there are two people there at all times, to allow one of them to visit the bathroom.
<pere>	nickb_ldn_: nope.  but I saw the need when I organized debconf3 in Oslo.
<nickb_ldn_>	pere: ok, so what kind of responsibilities do you have in mind?
<pere>	the support desk will end up as the information hub at the conference, and it is a good idea to prepare for that.
<_80n>	10 Conference outreach
<pere>	someone keeping track of the volunteers for the support desk, planning the work there, and having enough contacts with the rest of the conference organizers to be able to get their help on demand.
<nickb_ldn_>	ok, so we should put together a list of required volunteers when we get to teh end of the schedule
<nickb_ldn_>	ok 10, this comes down to gettign a site up and running
<_80n>	yes, that's on the agenda
<nickb_ldn_>	when we have a site, we can start emailing and blogging and writing
<_80n>	I wonder if _Ben_ would make one of his really nice posters?
<nickb_ldn_>	OSM has a great presence in the geo-hacking free data world, this is an excelelnt opportunity to expand
<nickb_ldn_>	I havent seen one of _Ben_ 's posters
<_Ben_>	yeah, alright
<_80n>	they are really good
<_80n>	Having Ed as keynote should really help with this
<nickb_ldn_>	ah  - I see now
<_80n>	11 Social side
<nickb_ldn_>	yeah - we need to maximize on that - his presence will give us a lot of "respectabliity"
<_80n>	Curry mile isn't it?
<nickb_ldn_>	ok 11 - add requests for social events to the sign up
<nickb_ldn_>	damn right it is
<_80n>	sorted
<nickb_ldn_>	so a lot of curry houses have crap maps ....
<nickb_ldn_>	we pick a nice one - make them a swish map - and win them over
<_80n>	the one that gives us the best deal will have a nice map
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<_80n>	s/have/get
<_80n>	And finally: "Initial division of responsibilities"
<_80n>	We need volunteers - anyone?
<nickb_ldn_>	just a sec - on the phoen to steve
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<Elrond>	_80n - volunteers for what?
<_80n>	Conference programme
<_80n>	Exhibition
<_80n>	Registration
<Elrond>	Oh well.
<_80n>	Promotion
<_80n>	Facilities (AV etc)
<mcknut>	_80n: reckon I'll be able to help out in some way
<_80n>	Social Programme
<_80n>	mcnut: any particular area appeal to you?
<mcknut>	oh hadn't realised this was an ircmeet
<_80n>	mcnut: you are welcome to contriubute
<mcknut>	not sure really, I'm in Liverpool so not so far, which might be useful
<_80n>	Liverpool is a lot closer than the rest of us
<mcknut>	yeah
	 * chippy is in Leeds
<mcknut>	was surprised it was happening in Manchester, but it's great for me anyway :)
<mcknut>	ah, cool chippy, I went to uni in leeds
<chippy>	:)
<nickb_ldn_>	OK - I will sort out the site asap
<nickb_ldn_>	we need to get the sysadmins to set up some emails
<_80n>	nickb_ldn_: could you take responsibility for the conference programme and registration?
<nickb_ldn_>	I woudl suggest a sort of closed mailing list so there isa common address to send mails to an organising committee - which everyone should be invisted to join
	 * nickb_ldn_ accepts
<nickb_ldn_>	Anyone want to field press/contact potential sponsors?
	 * _80n voulnteers to look after the timeline and budget / financial aspects
<nickb_ldn_>	you seem to have the budget under control, _80n
<_80n>	easy to do that this stage ;)
<_80n>	I wonder if Andy would handle the Promotion/Press side of things?
<_80n>	And SteveC the exhibitors/sponsors?
<nickb_ldn_>	SteveC is probably to best for that, yeah
<_80n>	We need someone for Facilities (AV, projectors, etc)
<_80n>	That would make a committee of about 5 or 6 which seems about right
<_80n>	Any more volunteers out there?
<nickb_ldn_>	so we need two more volunteers
<_80n>	Yes
<Elrond>	<-- too far away, pissed currently.
<nickb_ldn_>	_80n: did you mean blackadder andy for press?
<_80n>	Yes
<nickb_ldn_>	added to the wiki
<nickb_ldn_>	So we'll see if any other volunteers emerge over teh next week or so - perhaps a mail to the main list to remind everyone, or a post to OpenGeoData
<_80n>	Lets put out a call for volunteers on the mailing list for the open roles
<_80n>	Anything else tonight?
<_80n>	If we have another meeting in a week what immediate actions need to be done by then?
<nickb_ldn_>	thats all from my end.  Update on Steve, he's been screwed by the wrong kind of snow
<nickb_ldn_>	website for registrations
<_80n>	* draft call for participation
<_80n>	* timeline for participation and registration
<_80n>	* confirmation of space / accommodation / catering at the Uni
<nickb_ldn_>	Steve should be able to field the last point - he's in contact with martin dodge
<_80n>	OK, so lets wrap it up.   Same time next week?
<nickb_ldn_>	cool
<nickb_ldn_>	see you later - sat?
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<_80n>	I'll be there on Saturday, not sure about Sunday