State Of The Map 2011/Scholarships

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* Revise the call: the call looks good, we just need to revise/update it to reflect this year's conference.

Assigned: Kate. done

  • Publicize the call. Spreadsheet to list channels, and each take a few places to put the word out. OSM blog, sotm blog, twitter, mailing lists (general and local country). Non-OSM mailing lists (tactical tech, ppgis, fletcher a/v). NGO partners.

Assigned: All

  • set up mailing list of all past scholarship winners

Assigned: No

  • alert last years visa denials. Mikel to draft letter to send to Henk, to send to Bojan.

Assigned: Bojan


We do it "sponsor a mapper" style, with something like $2k-$2.5k each (depends on ticket prices, which are high right now

Status 20110608: We have approximately enough for 8 scholars from OSI 2010 and SOTM.

* Eventbrite ticket

Assigned:Henk. done

  • Funders 1 pager

Assigned: Thea

* Spreadsheet to track asks, and donations

Assigned: Thea, done

  • Page on, with paypal link

Assigned: Hurricane, done

  • Ask Big donors

Assigned: Mikel, Kate


needs to be finished asap after June 25.

  • Make all applications available to selection group
  • Each member of the group assigns X choices. Totals give a first round look at selections, and basis for final selection based on group discussion. Hopefully it's quite clear

  • Email out accepts and Declines. need draft letter.

Assigned: Sam


Visa documentation. We need to overload embassies with professionalism. Very official looking, letter-headed, letters of invitation. Very explicit information on SOTM's total responsibility for travel, accomodation, etc. Send this to both the scholar, and the embassy itself _before_ they make the application. Include flyers, conference packets, osm brochure, our direct contacts. In the event of the worse, we pull up our State Dept rolodexes, and get them to yank some chains

  • Get details from mappers. Easiest thing ... scan of their passport!
  • Letter of Invitation. Thea has drafted. Katie offered modifications. Needs final revision

Assigned: Kate

  • Conference Packet. Hurricane will provide to Thea.

Assigned: Hurricane, sent to Thea

  • Print letter package and send to scholar

Assigned: No

  • Print package and send to embassy

Assigned: No

  • Track progress

Assigned: No


  • Booking tickets. This is best done through a travel agent because 1) this sucks to do 2) we want refundable or partially refundable tickets if visas fall through. Perhaps United can help this year (ask Hurricane).

Assigned: Hurricane

  • Hotel: Tentatively, can be handled by same hotel as OSM US scholars

Assigned: Kate/Thea

  • Other things we'll need to do: logistics for arrival(supershuttle)/arrival instructions, getting scholars to blog their attendance and make presentations, host the scholars. scholar dinner. connect scholars to local university.

Assigned: Mikel


  • Announcement of scholarships and commencement of fundraising by May 24
  • We'd close applications something near the end of June, and make a choice soon after.
  • That gives about 10 weeks to sort out visas and tickets ... which is tight but pretty ok.


  • Last year's visa denials. Should we reinvite them, or give them some preference if they reapply? 7 of them.