State Of The Map 2011/Unconference

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Sign up on the white board outside the Rocky Mountains room. The Unconference will be held in the Great Plains room 15:35 (Sunday)

Please remove items from this list if they did not take place (Be bold! Edit the wiki)

Time Who What Slides Resources Video etc.
14:00 Jim McAndrew GeoBus fosslc video
14:05 Luca Delucchi ZOOSM fosslc video
14:10 Juan Andres & Jenn Gold On Afganistan
14:15 Dave Jenne "Fun with trail hazards" fosslc video
14:25 Richard Weait 30 Seconds to improve your experience at any conference
14:35 Richard Weait Why imports stink and how to fix them
14:45 Schuyler Betashapes or "It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood" fosslc video
14:55 Oliver OSM Goes Indoors fosslc video
15:05 Shuyler HOT & the Somalia
15:15 Ian Dees Install JXAPI in 10 minutes or less (or more) fosslc video

Bird of a Feather (Bof) events are opportunities to meet other like-minded people in OSM. You may known them online already, or you may be interested in meeting some people before getting involved.

Time Title/group Links & Resources
14:00 Grassroots + Balloon Mapping - Hangout in the Courtyard Cafe
14:10 Haitai BoF - location TBD Haiti(wiki)
14:50 Design BoF - location TBD